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A closer look at the beard balm

I set out to make the best beard balm on the market. I have used just about everything on the market and disliked something about each one. Many left my beard too oily. Others smelled like they came straight out of a patchouli bush – they made my wife run away from me instead of towards me.

Conditioning ingredients

The great thing about beard balm is you can use far more ingredients than a beard oil. This means the inclusion of silk amino acids and Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) to keep your beard healthy.

A healthy beard is a magnificent beard.

Low-Key scents

The smell combination that I use is a blend of citrus/bergamot and some mid-tones. The scent profile has been crafted from feedback not only from my wife, but also the beta users.

Two holds to choose

Through an experiment that I deemed a failure (but received nothing but positive support on), came two levels of hold. Coined “Attention” for firm, styling balm and “At Ease” for fray control, conditioning balm.

This means you get to choose if you want handlebars or your wife’s hands all over that face!

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