The Bearded Vets is all about bringing you quality beard and men's care products at affordable pricing.

About Us

The Founders:

Shannon exited the Marine Corps in 2013 and moved to California with Maggie. They lived in Santa Cruz together, and much as is tradition, Shannon grew facial hair. Unable to grow a proper beard, he chose a goatee, and as it grew he looked for products to maintain the mane.

Oils were the common item of the time, and he went through plenty. Each offered its own unique mixture but the ingredients list was covered with unnatural crap and horrid smells. Daring to be different, he ordered the carrier oils he could learn about and some essential oils to craft his own.

Over time he cultured his beard and moved to beard balms. This was a similar road. The more natural products had far too much oil, the unnatural were just solid wax. Embarking on a learning process, he developed a balm that had oils, butters for the skin and this amazing ingredient, BTMS-50. Far and above the best part, crafting smells that both he and his lovely wife could appreciate.

The Company:

Shannon is the kind of guy to give things freely, so as he made new batches and bought small scale containers, he handed them out to be tried by friends and coworkers. Meanwhile, he looked for a hobby that would keep his hands and mind busy. Maggie said, “Not woodworking, you’ll have dust all over the house. Watch collecting is just a money-sink, you’ll never sell what you spend. What about your beard balm?”

If you’re going to do something, do it well, invest the time, and energy to make it something you can appreciate and be prideful of for years. If you’re going to grow a beard, make it a magnificent beard, and if you’re going to buy beard products, make them The Bearded Vets.

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