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Beard Balm – At Ease

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Medium hold, eliminates beard frizz.

Do you hate having a frizzy beard? Do you hate smelling like a lumberyard, a patchouli bush or not being able to smell your cologne?

Beard product companies seem to be in a war to outdo each other on pungent charts that I can’t fathom.

Our beard balm, At Ease is designed with a medium hold, it includes enough wax to do mild styling and is designed for all beard lengths. We use a combination of 8 natural oils, all cold pressed to give your hair nutrients and properties that are necessary for growing a beard of epic length.

Beard growth boils down to 2 things, genetics notwithstanding: skin hydration and long-term hair health. We’ve included Vitamin B-5 and silk amino acids to penetrate the hair shaft and help with fixing damage over time. The solid butters we use, shea and mango, both help hydrate your skin.

At the end of the day, an itchy beard is a short-lived beard. Beard balm is designed to take care of the beard health and the skin underneath. So if your itchy under your beard, you need to be providing moisture, and the right kind of moisture to promote healthy and happy skin.

We designed our beard balm to be wearable every day, all day and not feel like you need to wash your beard before bed. If that’s your thing, keep washing your beard, but I wash it once a day and that’s what works for me.

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Premium conditioning beard balm. This beard balm has been researched to include the best ingredients for the two areas of beard health: skin health and long-term hair health.

Ingredients include:

  • Water
  • BTMS-50
  • Beeswax & Cera Bellina
  • Mango & Shea Butter
  • Silk Amino Acids
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B-5)
  • A blend of 8 natural oils, all cold-pressed, including Argan and Jojoba to give your beard luster without making it wet.

Our beard balm also includes a combination of essential oils for both fungus & bacteria fighting power combined with an amazing citrus smell that fades throughout the day so that your cologne can be the main attraction.

Our scent profile has been both crowd-sourced and wife-approved. This means you can buy this product knowing that you won’t smell like jungle dirt, a patchouli bush, or a lumberyard worker. We are constantly looking to add new scent profiles, so give us feedback to work off of for future products.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Citrust & Sage, Spiced Amber Musk, Black Pine

4 reviews for Beard Balm – At Ease

  1. Nick Capute

    This beard balm leaves not only my beard feeling great but my face feeling hydrated and soft. It has a mild scent pattern perfect if you don’t want to have a strong scent coming from the essential oils. I will be adding this into my monthly budget. Love the product. Would recommend to anyone!

  2. Brandon Wood

    Finding the right beard balm seems to me an effort in finding the things you don’t want. The Bearded Vets balm is not greasy, sticky or overpowering to the nose. Finally, it is NOT something my soon-to-be wife or daughter object to. What The Bearded Vets is, is a smooth and silky balm that keeps my beard comfortable and conditioned, even in the dry and cold Colorado backcountry.

  3. JT aka. “The Newton Runner”

    I use At Ease every night before bed and wake to a soft supple beard ready to face the day. I know it sounds crazy but applying this balm before bed really sets my mind to relax. The smell is subtle and pleasant and even just after applying it isn’t too greasy and hasn’t marked my pillowcase at all. Thanks for making the best beard balm on the market!

  4. JT aka. The Newton Runner

    I choose this balm to wear all day long! It’s my favorite smell and hold. It’s not greasy at all and really will make you smile every time you apply it. I’m a distance runner and this balm holds up well to freezing winds of Nebraska. Thanks for making an awesome product!

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