Beard Products are confusing. We'll do our best to clear the air.

It is our goal to provide you with factual information regarding beard balms, beard oils, beard care products in general and how they function. For instance, the primary function of a beard balm or beard oil is to provide hydration, so why don’t people talk about what needs to be in them?

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The Bearded Vets - Beard Oil: 7 Things You Need to Know About What You're Using

Beard Oil: 7 Things You Need to Know About What Your Using

Natural oils are better, mine has em.
Use good oils, get good skin.
Worked for ancient cultures, works for you.
Say no to brillo-pad beards by using oils long-term.
Biotin = good, mine has it because of avocados!
Good stuff helps beard grow, like castor oil.
Don’t need a preservative, all natural product!

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The Bearded Vets - beard balm vs oil article

Beard Balm vs Oil

It’s the most common question that we get and that we see in the wild. Go browse /r/beards and look at the questions that get posed, this is at the pinnacle. It stems from the confusion on what constitutes a beard balm or oil and what they each do well.

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