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Boar Bristle Beard Brush


  • All natural pear wood handle
  • 100% boar hair bristles

No fake bristles, no nylon or plastic mixed in. This is straight off the boar’s backside. It’s been dyed with a mild hair due for even color presentation and washed afterwards.

Natural hair to help move that oil where it’s needed in your beard and stiff enough to help exfoliate and move product down to the surface of the skin.



Beard brushes are an important part of your beard care routine. They serve a multitude of purposes, and it is vital that you use a natural bristle like boar hair to get the maximum benefits.

Beard brushes serve to move both your natural and applied beard oil and balms across the length of your beard hair. They also serve to even out the application across your skin and ensure that thicker beards don’t keep the oils from reaching the surface of the skin.

The reason that natural is better? Natural holds oils like your beard does and allows it to be moved from too-covered areas to less-covered areas. Metal combs, wooden combs and nylon or other plastic bristles can’t do this, they just style your bear hairs.

Beard brushes also serve to help you style your beard. Once you’ve applied your oil or balm they let you shape it how you’d like and then start your day looking fresh and ready to take on the world.


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